I slept through it this year. I had no desire to stay up, none of the excitement and anxiety, the rising action that is the final countdown, and as you might have expected, this new year turned out to be quite anti-climatic. I was nodding off watching 80's movies countdowns on one of those channels. … Continue reading 2023


NOVEMBER 27, 2023 I keep saying the same shit about time- all the time. What is it, where did it go? Never enough Time. 21 years and it rained like hell today. I get it now... https://open.spotify.com/track/26PwuMotZqcczKLHi4Htz3?si=de916b180a694c2b Bob Marley and The Wailers I hear you in the forgotten notes. You remind me. I miss you … Continue reading REDEMPTION SONG


Credit: Time Out My family and I drove up to Yorktown Heights from the North Bronx to pick peaches on White Hill Road at Wilken's Farm. For some reason, I want you to know that. A long enough distance away-but not far enough- in the wake of terror that has left New York City naked, … Continue reading GEWURZTRAMINER: I CAN PRONOUNCE IT!

Robin out of the nest a bit early

I had to reblog this because I enjoyed this post so much!
We can learn a lot from these precious creatures who’s natural instinct is to protect their community.


Parent knows the youngster is somewhere close by, they can hear it!

Now the youngster is looking for somebody to help.

About ten minutes after we shot these videos we saw both the young and old robins in our front yard. The adult was catching worms and grubs and feeding the youngster. Guess all is well, at least for a while.

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Still Running Up: Ode to Kate Bush and Stranger Things Have Saved My Life.

EPISODE 1 Disclaimer: There will be no hyperlinks, videos, tik toks, etc., in this post. I'm truly speaking to power here. If you choose to read further, you'll hear me. I hope. If you are reading this right now, it means you love me. You still read my random musings even though you are my … Continue reading Still Running Up: Ode to Kate Bush and Stranger Things Have Saved My Life.

Life Quote By Martin Luther King Jr.: “Quietly endure, silently…”

This quote and others like it-mostly found in the Bible-Romans 12:12 to be precise-have strengthen and encouraged me to persevere, even when the challenges I endure have me wanting to give up. But I wonโ€™t and I canโ€™t. All good things come to those who wait and I have learned that patience is definitely a virtue. One Iโ€™m longing to be better at. One day at a time.

Short Wisdom

I hope this is useful to you!

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