Rogue Writing-Challenge 2

I want to write every day and every night as I've been advised but I'm not always in the writing mood... Like tonight.

Rogue Writing: Challenge 1

Sleeping with the Devil. It took 13 years but i finally got the chigga* to admit who he was and broooooooo.... It took something as simple as a literary device, which, I didn't think he'd get because he'd always been too literal to understand my metaphors. This one he got. And took to heart. And … Continue reading Rogue Writing: Challenge 1


NOVEMBER 27, 2023 I keep saying the same shit about time- all the time. What is it, where did it go? Never enough Time. 21 years and it rained like hell today. I get it now... Bob Marley and The Wailers I hear you in the forgotten notes. You remind me. I miss you … Continue reading REDEMPTION SONG


Credit: Time Out My family and I drove up to Yorktown Heights from the North Bronx to pick peaches on White Hill Road at Wilken's Farm. For some reason, I want you to know that. A long enough distance away-but not far enough- in the wake of terror that has left New York City naked, … Continue reading GEWURZTRAMINER: I CAN PRONOUNCE IT!