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Since I’m currently (trying to) teach my sons to tie their own shoes, I thought it might be appropriate to use this prompt. There were others, like build a snowman, swim, or make a paper airplane, but since I’m having such a difficult time teaching them how to tie them, I figured this writing exercise would be useful for me. I like a challenge-especially if it involves writing about it.

Actually, I don’t remember who taught me to tie my shoes or how they did it. My cousin (who doesn’t want kids but puts me to shame when it comes to “mommying” she is truly incredible with kids-never ceases to amaze me) did wonders teaching us. She did it with such ease. He got it too-he still ties them a bit too loose, but when I try to duplicate her lesson or try to show him how I tie my shoelaces, it becomes a tangled mess. Hence the you tube video I posted at the end, for any other mommies like me who need a little extra help. I am not ashamed (yes I am a bit) that I kept my kids in velcro sneakers for a while because I just didn’t get how to tie them.

My cousin tried to show me the “bunny ear” method. I felt like a first grader, trying to learn it from her then explain it to him. First, you take one lace from the right or left-does it matter? (Spoiler alert: it does! ) Then you hold it between your index finger and your thumb. Next, you do the same with the other side. So now you have two bunny ears–here’s where it gets tricky for me. So you take one of the bunny ears, wrap it around and loop it under the other–ha! I just tried it on my own sneaker! It worked. But the laces are left a little slack.

The boys (and I ) were thrilled to learn another skill that would give them a little bit more of the independence they crave these days. It saves mommy time and back pain too, now that they can tie their own laces.

I was impressed by their diligence as they spent so much time trying and tying, tying and trying until they got it right. One of them broke down in tears one morning before school because he was having a hard time connecting the bunny ears, but he hung in there (we were nearly late for school!) refusing to quit until he had those laces tied.

I couldn’t have been prouder. I pray this tenacity follows them throughout their lives.

For those of you, who may, like me need a refresher, these videos are helpful…

Seriously though. Who taught me to tie my shoes?


  1. These prompts are really getting you writing I too have two little boys I have not tackled the shoe laces yet but I will refer to your post and watching the video who knew it mattered what bunny ear you grab first ๐Ÿคจ


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