Tip #1: Be proud of who you are. Tip #2: Be proud of your cloud. Tip #3 Defy gravity.

It’s invigorating to be able to incorporate my writing with my passion for music. I’m able to dig deep in the crates, stretch my conscious and develop ideas. I love that I’m able to share some of my favorite, most meaningful music with my readers AKA my friends. Not only do you get a glimpse into my creative process, you help me with it.

“I wear the lambs wool-the feet of burnt brass…I’m fine under cloud nine. Wool defines energy like the nature of a gas.”


Between looking for work and looking in the mirror sometimes I wish someone would push me off a cloud.

I’ve been blaming myself for the reasons things aren’t going my way lately. You see I’ve had several interviews, and as I think I’ve mentioned this before, I go all the way to the final round, only to be brutally crushed by that rejection letter after the ninth round. I don’t read further than “thank you for your interest,” anymore.

Why bother?

Is it me?

I even reached out to my most recent place of rejection-Gibney Dance-to ask if they could tell me what I could do going forward since there is a pattern here. They never responded.

I wear my hair natural. I’ve been wearing it natural for about six years now. Saves money, saves time (somewhat-natural hair takes time, but I’d much rather spend it with myself than at a salon) and most importantly, saves the beautiful hair I have on my head!

Is it my hair? I never used to give it a second thought, though I had a perm way back when I interviewed for jobs I got.

Black women have to endure negative perceptions of who we are because we embrace who we are.

Lately, it seems that the corporate world (not the only positions I interview for by the way) is embracing the diversity and beauty of natural hairstyles. What I’m hearing though, is that when these girls go for the interview, they wear wigs and weaves and it’s not until they’re “in there” that they “come out.”

Sad fact: every single woman sitting around that table giving me that advice-a natural sister-but none of them wear their natural hair…

This ain’t a knock against them, but against the “progressive” era we’re living in. Imagine, you can be natural in your communities; among your friends and family, in your homes-where it belongs, not among straight-haired Stepford America, which includes black AND white women.

It’s horrifying to think that despite media campaigns and public relations bullshit that encourage us to embrace who we are-we really can’t. This has been the plight of blacks in this country since we arrived on those ships.

I came close to relaxing my hair last night; it’s devastating to be unemployed, knowing people are depending on you. However, a much needed intervention took place, and this sister is still happy to be nappy.

Shit. Almost forgot why I wrote this post in the first place!

The irony: I’m continuously being rejected from places that claim to want to uplift, encourage, inspire, educate and empower the long and forever oppressed black and brown community.

Are they serious? If they were, I’d have a job by now.

Just saying.

I have to close this out with a shout out to the artist de jour, Donnie. I’m so glad I got a chance to become reacquainted with “The Colored Section” again. Your soulful wisdom couldn’t have had more perfect timing.

“I’M FINE UNDER CLOUD NINE-I’d be a chameleon and wear it bone straight, but it’s so much stronger in its NATURAL state.”

I’m living on this cloud friends. You hear me?

Ain’t nobody kicking me off.

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