Take a Rocketship

It seems as if your galaxies away…and being in Arizona, you might as well be.

Out in the desert. All we have are phone calls, memories and false promises.

I take a drag off a Marlboro light, stare into a particularly starry Bronx city night.

Wonder what you are up to tonight.

‘Nothin,’ you always say.

You never have much to say.

Neither do I.

What’s the point? I get it.


I want to talk to you.

I miss you.

You’ll deny it, but I know you miss me too.

Cold and lonely desert nights don’t lie; can’t keep your secrets

You don’t have to hide. From me.

I know you. You know me.

We don’t have to lie to each other so


The desert is a metaphor

We both know you were never good for me, even though you were.


I needed/want you to be and right now you are

Everything I need you to be.

Everything I want you to be.

I need to hear you tell me that

You can’t wait to…

…As soon as you…

And I believe you–But

The desert is a metaphor

For us.

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