It's Been A Long Time…

I shouldn’t have left you…those of you who know the lyric, can hear the beat. Start the head noddin’ start reminiscing about where you were and what you were doing when you heard it, and most of all…FORGIVE ME!

I could blame it on Covid-19 AKA coronavirus, but I’d be lying. If anything, it was an auspicious distraction-I haven’t been doing the writing I should be doing. However, I have been writing—time for the shameless plug–on two quite informative websites; and There’s no proof it was me on the latter, but I trust you’ll believe it-hence the reason I haven’t been writing. Seriously. I’ve. been. BUSY. Trying to get paid. Seems freelancing is my only viable option now considering what’s happening in the world right now.

Just my luck. I had so many plans for the next few months. I was prepared to make some major life-changing decisions. It’s true-man , well in my case, woman makes plans, God laughs.

I’d like to think He’ll let me in on the joke. It’s been 46 years now. Trust me. I’m not complaining-just saying, if it takes a pandemic…

Shit. I’m listening.

My kids have been out of school as a result of this emergency, which means I’ve been having to “homeschool” my boys. It’s been hell. Now. I have a degree in education but I wonder about those parents who may not have the patience to teach. It’s why they send their kids TO SCHOOL! I’m ready to ask my school for tuition reimbursement since I’ve been teaching for the last two weeks.

Then there’s the flip side: most parents aren’t equipped to teach lessons; some don’t have access to computers. Some lack patience. This is not to say parents can’t teach, but there’s a reason you go to school for this shit-and let’s face it, many of us- myself included, have been “helping” not helping our kids complete their class/homework when they start to break down, and act out from being locked down all day. The only form of social interaction they get is with each other and their father, shooting hoops, or bean-bag tossing in our 9 by 12 driveway since we can’t go to the park.

It’s not enough! We’re all already sick of seeing one another day after day, hour after hour.

The fear is real. Should it be?

Time for the strange segue.

Something I forgot to mention in my bio is that I’m somewhat of a conspiracy theorist. Ha! There’s a reason I didn’t mention it. You’d never read a word I said if you’d known that tasty little tidbit about me-would you?

Well, there it is, I’ve outed myself.

So I’m wondering could this be a bio-terrorism test gone awry?

Full disclosure: the conspiracy was not the intent of this post-it really should have been about how my “husband’s” snoring is among one of the many reasons I want a divorce.

I really wanted to complete the sequel to Mr. Golden Eye, entitled “Beautiful Disaster”.

No worries-that’s exactly what this thing is.

See you soon. Until then, be safe. Trust yourself. Don’t believe everything they say.

One last thing; I know this is a bad habit, but forgive the bad grammar or spelling=I write when the spirit strikes, or I won’t write at all, and trust me, the need to write far outweighs the need for immaculate grammar. I plead again-forgive me.

Like I said, it’s been a long time. I shouldn’t have left you. I won’t make promises I can’t keep, but I’m hoping that this dope beat from one of the greatest MC’s to ever grace the mic, might earn me a little favor?

See you next time. Be safe.

2 thoughts on “It's Been A Long Time…

  1. Hi Tenee! It’s Amy! I read this and felt similarly on many points! It’s honest and; therefore, good.
    You know about the podcast—- hmmm—— I/we could research how it would be done if you’re New York and I’m
    San Diego time. There’s has to be a program platform that would allow us to 2) talk about all topics that start from the heat and we could interview mothers during Covid19! We can discuss theology and invite guests. We would always start out first side by side – introduce ourselves and discuss the topic )s) of the day. We could takes turns asking our possible guests-even pastors Orr priests, we could really do it. We’d be good together Renee. Let’s look into a podcast 2 person/2screen podcast. Is the star up expensive?
    BTW, you’re a beautiful child of God honey! Let’s try to make it interesting and e en laugh sometimes. It could be any topics we like!


    1. Hey…so sorry I’m just seeing this now-you know I was trying to find the message it came up in my notifications on my phone and…well, enough of my rambling lol. You see. I’m such a novice. The start up is not expensive BUT in order to get out there a few dollars have to be spent. I’m working on that right now. There’s so much research to be done. It’s a tad overwhelming and I’m not working right now, which is why I’m desperate for all this to take off but I know I have to be patient, keep praying and wait on God. I’m excited to research with you. I’m still working on the finishing touches of my first official podcast.

      Thanks for reaching out. Talk soon!


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