Deep Fried Calamari

I love your blog! Fried calamari is my favorite! I can’t wait to try your recipe. Thanks for sharing!

In Dianes Kitchen


This is the best Deep Fried Calamari I have ever made at home! It was very easy to prepare, it had a light coating of seasoned breading and the taste was amazing! My Calamari had been frozen and it still turned out delicious.




Add enough oil to a deep saucepan that the

squid will have oil all around it. Heat over

medium high heat to 365 degrees.


Meanwhile combine the flour,

salt and pepper on a large plate.


Dredge the squid through the flour

mixture, coating each piece entirely.


Once the oil is at 365 degrees, drop just enough

breaded squid pieces into the oil so that the pieces

do not touch. Fry for ONLY 2-3 minutes or else the

squid will be tough. The breading should be a

LIGHT brown color, NOT golden brown. Remove

from the oil and place on a plate covered with paper

towel thenโ€ฆ

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