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HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wanted to post a series of damning quotes and fiery images of what I am leaving behind with 2020, but I decided against it. 2020 was full of so much bullshit what good can come from adding fuel to the fire of the flame monster?

Don’t answer that. Beyond being rhetorical, it make no damn sense! It’s New Year’s Eve folks! And waaay into it too…

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I did make a promise to myself about myself. I have to do everything I say, think or dream about doing. I have to dedicate at least a tenth of a day to it.

YAH! I KNOW I PROMISED IT TO MYSELF BEFORE but this time, I’m actually doing it!

I promised myself that whatever I posted didn’t have to be fancy, and I’d have to post it with or without images which I hate to do because I do believe in the power of visuals.

ANYWAY please keep in mind it’s New Year’s Eve. Not to mention the most lackluster I’ve ever experienced. So lackluster that it’s not worth exaggerating about how lackluster it was. Did I mention it was New Years Eve 2021? Dear God, is wink, wink, nudge nudge still necessary?!?

Hubby’s snoring is beyond excruciating. I mean, we struggle about the grounds for divorce but his snoring is grounds enough-irreconcilable differences! No?

I digress…

Here We Are…For Real?

I promise this won’t be long. I apologize for the lack of visual stimulation. It’s the early hours of 2021, and I think, as many of us do, deserve a break…

Thanks. Because this post will feature neither pictures nor links. The reason, I’m sure, is clear.

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The Saddest Thing…

about every New Year’s Eve party is that eventually we come face to face with ourselves: the reckoning.

For example: you’re jammin’ at the party, bubblin’ and winding in ways that somebody your age aint supposed to know how’ fi do. When you were a kid, knowing one of them ol’ time song your parents know and nobody else made you feel sophisticated and worldly. Yeah, you were the shit at that time mouthing the lyrics and steppin’ the steps! Nobody had caught on yet, but they will eventually.. and then here comes the year (which, now is this year and that song is old. Nobody but you recognize the song and you have no choice but to admit that you’re…a relic. You knew the day would come…someday…but you didn’t expect it…

To come…


To Be Continued…

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