Rogue Writing: Challenge 1

Sleeping with the Devil.

It took 13 years but i finally got the chigga* to admit

who he was

and broooooooo….

It took something as simple as a literary device, which, I didn’t think he’d get because he’d always been too literal to understand my metaphors.

This one he got. And took to heart.

And so

he claimed he would become what I had named him.

and i don’t know how i couldn’t have recognized him all this time but tonight, he showed me the devil he was. The devil he is.

He flipped chairs, and tables, his face turned a devious shade of red as it contorted and he screamed vile, ungodly things at me.

Thing is up until tonight, at 9:45

I was damn sure that the devil in our bed was me.

*Chigga is from the Netflix series: “The Characters, featuring Natasha Rothwell.” I love this show because it helps me think about character sketching for my stories. “Chigga” was brilliant!


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