NOVEMBER 27, 2023 I keep saying the same shit about time- all the time. What is it, where did it go? Never enough Time. 21 years and it rained like hell today. I get it now... Bob Marley and The Wailers I hear you in the forgotten notes. You remind me. I miss you … Continue reading REDEMPTION SONG


I just binged The Queens Gambit on Netflix. Now, I'm obsessed with chess. I've always been amazed by the complexity of the game but there's something simple about how it mirrors life and the choices we make that propel us to greatness or lead us to ruin. Spoiler alert-it ain't just about chess! I appreciate the strategy, the intensity, and the predictability of unpredictability in the game. I love that the Queen is more important than the King, because gender politics have denied women their rightful place as leaders in the world, even though they have lead anyway. For instance, Woodrow Wilson's wife Galt Wilson lead the United States after her racist, philandering husband suffered a series of strokes that left him incapacitated.